1. Register Below

Fill out the registration form below to reserve your delegation’s spot at HMC Dubai 2020.

Note: If your school is not attending the conference, HMC Dubai welcomes students to register as individual delegates. To do so, simply fill out the same form above, but type “N/A” for all fields related to school information and type “1” for estimated delegation size. When it asks for Faculty Advisor information, use your own name and email.

2. Pay Fees

Our faculty liaison and business manager will be in touch shortly after registration to help facilitate the payment process.  In the past, most schools have chosen to pay the school fee before the delegate fees.  We therefore typically send invoices for the school fee and delegate fees separately.


3. Complete Delegate Submission Form

Starting in late September, we will release our delegate submission form to all schools that have paid the delegate fee. Once all delegate fees have been paid, we will assign delegates to committees based on their submitted preferences and availability.  

Conference Fees

School Fee + Delegate Fee

Delegate Fee

$290** USD per delegate

School Fee

$250** USD per school

** Final cost will also include any applicable transaction fees

All fees are nonrefundable