The Executive Board of Harvard Model Congress Dubai is pleased to announce the continuation of our need-based Financial Aid Initiative in support of outstanding delegates for whom cost would otherwise be a barrier to attending the HMC Dubai 2020 conference.

If you are a student who does not have the financial means to attend HMC Dubai but would like to be considered for a financial aid grant, please submit the application linked below. Please not that there will be a limited number of financial aid grants available to interested students. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so we recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible.  

Each financial aid grant will be a maximum of $290, and will go towards covering the delegate fee of attending HMC Dubai. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Vice President of HMC Dubai, Michael Wornow, at


Financial aid will only be considered for high school students that (1) plan on attending the 2020 HMC Dubai conference and (2) have demonstrated financial need. These grants are intended to make the HMC Dubai experience accessible to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds and to reduce financial barriers to participation.

Criteria for Selection

- Demonstrated financial need
- Dedicated interest in HMC Dubai and its mission
- Demonstrated academic scholarship and leadership potential

Testimonial from 2019 recipient

“Unlike other MUN conferences or government simulations in and around Dubai, HMC is a truly international congregation of students from all over the world, especially from the Gulf, an area that is already so diverse and geopolitically charged. That multiculturalism perfectly embodies the ethos of simulations like these - there's a palpable difference of opinion in the room and that stimulates debate and discourse that can't be found in many other conferences.

My financial aid grant to attend HMC Dubai meant that I, too, could reap the benefits of such an environment. My three days at AUD were divided between intense debate and forging friendships with other delegates that extended beyond the conference and to my life outside HMC. There was energy, vitality and oftentimes but unsurprisingly, frustration in the air as we all raced towards a resolution that would pass. It's exhilarating.

The intricacy of American government is enthralling on its own, which is precisely the kind of experience HMC Dubai promises its delegates. You walk away with a greater understanding of how the democratic engines of the US function on levels both domestic and international, an engine that is a key player in global politics. In addition to this, I walked away with a lovely gavel for Best Delegate and even came onstage to address the attending delegates in a keynote speech at the closing ceremony through the conference's Speaker Award. It was a phenomenal weekend, and the Speaker Award holds a special place in my heart.

Above all,
you don't need to be a professional debater to enjoy HMC Dubai; all you need is the intention of capitalizing on the experience itself because there is genuinely so much to learn while you're there, both from your fellow delegates and the incredibly hard working team of Harvard students that fly in to run it. If you have even an iota of curiosity about the way the world's biggest superpower works or simply wish to challenge yourself, HMC Dubai is the place for you.”