At Harvard Model Congress Dubai, delegates have the unique experience of learning about the American government and international politics in the Middle East, one of the most important areas in the geopolitical landscape today.  Delegates will spend time throughout the conference in committee sessions and full sessions.  During committees, delegates will discuss and debate relevant topics, using briefings entirely written by our staff of dedicated Harvard undergraduates.  The delegates will assume the roles of representatives, congressmen, agents, and countries as they negotiate, forge compromises, and draft legislation to be presented in full sessions.

There are two main categories of committees, domestic and international, both of which have exciting new changes for 2020.  Domestic committees are comprised of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidential Cabinet.  These committees will give delegates from around the world the exciting opportunity to see first hand how the United States Congress works.  International committees, which range from the African Union to the United Nations Security Council, cover a broad range of international issues relevant to the world today.