Dear World Bank delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress and to the World Bank! My name is Max Liebeskind, and I will be the chair of the World Bank committee in Dubai this coming January. I am writing this letter to tell you a bit about the committee and to introduce myself.

I hope you are all excited to be delegates of the World Bank, one of the most important (and controversial) development institutions in the world. Founded after World War II as a United States-led economic development institution, the World Bank continues to be a leader in development finance. The Bank’s projects promote various goals, including economic growth, infrastructure development, public health, and environmental sustainability. The common thread is a commitment to economic development -- and according to the bank’s critics, implicit support for American and Western interests.

As World Bank delegates in Dubai this year, you will have the opportunity to learn about important topics in macroeconomics related to trade and exchange rates. I hope that you find the process of learning about these issues both challenging and intellectually stimulating. Some of the issues you consider will be quite complex -- indeed, they are issues that economists continue to disagree on. Yet, this complexity should make your experience as a delegate even more enlightening, and will undoubtedly prepare you to engage in policy discussions in the future. More generally, participating in HMC will help you build confidence in your abilities as public speakers, debaters, and leaders.

Let me briefly introduce myself:

I am a senior (fourth year student) at Harvard studying economics and statistics. I am originally from New York City, and for as long as I can remember I have loved politics and debating. In college, I have enjoyed all aspects of the academic study of economics and have been especially involved in issues related to monetary policy. This will be my second consecutive year staffing the World Bank committee at HMC Dubai.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions about the briefings! I know that they can sometimes be challenging to understand, and I sincerely hope that you will all get a lot out them.


Max Liebeskind