Dear Delegates, 

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Middle East! I’m so excited that you have chosen to join me in the United Nations Security Council.

Founded in 1945, the United Nations (UN) has been the foremost unifier of countries and has continued to not only develop friendly relationships between its nations but also promote and ensure human rights and peace worldwide. The UN has focused on issues from war to refugees to clean water, and everything in between. This year, you will have the opportunity to debate and discuss one of my favorite issues, that of girls’ education in various countries in Africa.

Whatever your reasons may be that you have chosen to be part of this committee and community, I hope that you research the work that the UN has done both recently and in past years as it is interesting and intriguing. I participated in Model United Nations (MUN) throughout high school, so chairing this committee is a dream for me! I’ve also chaired committees at Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) in past years, so I’ll be running this committee like the UN ones that I have experienced.

I am a junior from Buffalo, NY and I’m joint concentrating in History and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. This semester, I’m teaching US History full time at a high school in the area as part of the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Undergraduate Teacher Education Program. I am passionate about all things education-- whether it’s education reform in the United States, best teaching practices in the classroom, or access to education based on class, race, religion, and gender around the world. Besides my interest in education, I’m heavily involved with many groups on campus that strive to celebrate women, including the Harvard College Women’s Center, and enjoy both writing and watching comedy with various student groups. If you’re into American sitcoms, I’d love to talk to you about them because I’ve probably watched every episode of each one (on Netflix, at least).

Please feel more than welcome to reach out to me at any time; no matter if you want to ask a specific question about logistics or want to say hi, it will make the geographical distance between us seem so much smaller! I can’t wait for January, and am counting down the days until we meet and discuss one of the most intricate human rights issues of our time.

Whether it is your first year or your fourth, I hope that you enjoy preparing for the conference and during the days of the conference in 2017 to come.  


Sally Yi