Dear Delegates,

Our names are Rachel Chiu and Amelia Roth-Dishy and we will be your chairs for the United Nations Security Council at Harvard Model Congress Dubai 2019.

The UNSC is one of the most influential bodies of the United Nations. In our committee, you will take on the role of an actual country ambassador  and engage in debate on some of the world’s most pressing international security issues. This year, we will be discussing the UN Peacekeeping force and the South China Sea conflict.  

We are so excited to dive into these topics with you this January. In the meantime though, here’s a little more about us!

Rachel is a senior studying Gender Studies and Psychology. She is from Hong Kong and loves all things dim sum. In addition to HMC Dubai, she serves as the President of Harvard Model Congress Asia and has staffed conferences in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico City, Madrid, Boston, and, of course, Dubai.

Amelia Roth-Dishy is a freshman from New York City hoping to concentrate in History and Literature. On campus, she is a writer for the Crimson Arts board and volunteers at a youth homeless shelter. She was an avid Model Congress delegate in high school and is looking to her first year of staffing conferences.

Again, we cannot wait to meet you this January. We hope to make this experience as educational and fun for you all as possible.

All the best,
Rachel and Amelia