African Union
Matt Keating

Matthew Keating is a rising sophomore at Harvard College, studying Government and East Asian Studies. Originally from the Washington, D.C area, Matthew is an avid lover and participant in politics. In high school, he ran Maryland’s Youth and Government program - a model state legislature simulation very similar to HMC. He’s previously worked in the United States Senate and on several local, state, and national political campaigns focusing on youth outreach. He looks forward to discussing and hearing from delegates about the ways our generation can combat voter apathy and engage more young people in the political process.

Central Intelligence Agency
Nick pagel

The son of a Marine, Nick spent most of his formative years in Japan, travelling across Asia, absorbing the diverse culture. While there, he developed a passion for politics. His interest only grew after attending HMC Asia for two years. As a freshman at Harvard, he is concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology, but his love of government drew him back to Harvard Model Congress, where he is looking forward to indulging his political inclinations with those who share his interests. 


United nations security council - (UNSC)
Narayan Narasimhan

Narayan Narasimhan is a junior in Adams House from Shaker Heights, Ohio. He studies Social Studies and Linguistics, with a citation in Arabic. Outside of class, he is most involved with the Harvard South Asian Association, the Harvard Crimson, and activities within the Admissions Office. This will be his seventh HMC conference! When he is not traveling or hanging out with his blockmates, you can most likely find him at Chipotle eating to his heart’s content, binge-watching House of Cards, or aggressively checking the New York Times. 


HOUSE - Homeland security
gene chang

Gene is a Junior from Seoul, Korea concentrating in Social Studies at Harvard. After his sophomore year, he took two years off from school to serve in the Republic of Korea Special Warfare Command, during which time he worked in Military Intelligence along side the US Special Forces. Before his leave, Gene traveled the country competing with the Harvard Mock Trial Association and conducted research on criminal justice for the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. His hobbies include cycling, playing squash, and watching Premier League soccer.


House - Science, space, and technology
raymond wang

Raymond is a sophomore at Harvard concentrating in Computer Science & Economics. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he comes from 5+ years of Model Government background, including HMC's Hong Kong and Madrid conferences. As an advocate for the intersection between innovation, business, and government in tackling environmental issues, he is excited to be bringing these important discussions to the forefront at HMC Dubai!


SENATE - Intel

Nida Ansari is a junior from Greenville, SC, concentrating in Economics. She loves HMC, having staffed each of the six conferences. Outside of HMC, she’s involved at the Harvard Institute of Politics. In her free time, she likes to watch reruns of Modern Family and eat absurd amounts of Chipotle.

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Senate - Foreign Relations
Charlotte Davis

Hailing from the great state of Kansas, Charlotte is a junior studying History & Literature and Spanish at the college. She’s thrilled to be joining us at the 2018 Dubai conference. When she’s not doing HMC, she spends her time laughing, playing soccer, and catching up with her six siblings.

Senate - help
adam Harper

Adam Harper is a Sophomore at Harvard from Cartersville, GA.  He intends to concentrate in Social Studies with a secondary in VES.  On campus, Adam is on the Rugby team and participates in programs through the IOP.  He also serves as a student government representative at Harvard.  He is passionate about mental health issues as well as the importance of democracy in government in day-to-day life.  He’s excited for the conference in Dubai this year! 

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Presidential Cabinet
Archana Somesegar

Archana Somasegar is a senior studying Economics and Mind, Brain, and Behavior. She has a passion for international affairs, specifically with a bent towards women’s advocacy and female economic empowerment. When she is not involved in Harvard Model Congress, she enjoys writing for Satire V (Harvard’s satire publication), leading pre-orientation programs, and singing A Cappella.


Central intelligence agency
caleb esrig

A proud New Yorker, Caleb is a sophomore in Quincy House interested in Government and Economics. Outside of HMC, he’s actively involved in the Harvard Institute of Politics and First-Year Outdoor Program. He loves Netflix, friends and hiking.


United nations security council - (UNSC)
Yankang Yang

Yankang is a Junior in Leverett House studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Born in the snowcapped mountains of Southwest China, Yankang has lived in 6 states in the US and in Canada. Outside of HMC, Yankang heads Harvard’s Engineering Society, plays intramural sports when he is not injured, and can often be found eating food or crying over yet another Buffalo Bills loss.


Senate - Foreign relations
Dustin chiang

Dustin Chiang is a junior from Fremont, California studying Government. He has staffed conferences in Boston, Seoul, Hong Kong, Rome, Madrid, and Sao Paulo. Dustin teaches civics at local public schools, leads tours for the Admissions Office, and is is the Communications Director for Harvard’s Institute of Politics. He enjoys watching TV, playing board games, trying delicious foods, and cheering on the Oakland Athletics.

Senate - intel
Rachel Chiu

Rachel is a junior in Quincy House studying Women and Gender Studies and pursuing language citations in Spanish and French. She has a passion for studying global feminism and advocating for women's rights on campus and abroad. In addition to her academic work and HMC, Rachel is involved in the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, an international relations conference-running group. She is also a Peer Advising Fellow and a member of CARE (Consent Advocates and Relationship Educators). A proud Hong Konger, Rachel loves exploring new cultures and countries and leaps at any opportunity to travel. 


House - Homeland Security
Michael WOrnow

Michael Wornow is a sophomore in Kirkland originally from Oakland, California. He is majoring in computer science and minoring in statistics. This is his first year staffing HMC, and is incredibly excited to help students discover their passion for debate and civic engagement. Outside of HMC, Michael is involved in the Harvard College Consulting Group, chairs the Institute of Politic's Technology Policy Group, writes articles for Satire V, and helps keep The Crimson's website up as a member of the paper's technology board. In addition to being a lifelong baseball and basketball fan, his other areas of interest include politics, sports analytics, and computational biology. 


Presidential Cabinet
Danielle Foltz

Danielle Foltz is a freshman at Harvard, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Outside of HMC, she is involved in Harvard's Radio Station WHRB, and loves rowing, watching movies, and playing with her dog Amber. Danielle is hoping to attend medical school after graduation, and concentrate in History and Science. 

Arab League
Danielle roybal

Danielle is a sophomore from Southern California pursuing a joint concentration in Government and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Apart from staffing for HMC, she enjoys singing in her collegiate a cappella group, teaching fifth graders in Boston, and being a member of Best Buddies. On campus, Danielle’s research on policy revolving around women’s issues has served as an academic outlet for her to explore her passion for feminism and political science. This summer, she will be interning as a liaison between Global Kids and Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.


World Bank
Pranay Nadella

Pranay is a Junior studying Statistics and Global Health. He was raised in the US, but because of his family’s roots in rural India, he is very passionate about international development and global health. Pranay loves the outdoors, plays the violin and is always down for some racquet sports. He’s super excited for the conference!


house - Education and the workforce
Cass hastie

Cass Hastie, a Senior at Harvard College from Woodstock, New York, is pursuing a degree in Government.Cass, now having staffed HMC conferences in Boston, Madrid, Hong Kong, San Francisco and São Paolo, was a delegate for three years in high school and cares deeply about creating the best possible delegate experience! When she is not participating in HMC, she spends her time as a peer counselor and as a tour guide for the Harvard Admissions Office. For fun, Cass likes to go on runs and practice rapping Kanye West songs. 

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House - Science, Space, and technology
Ben Porter

Ben is a junior studying Economics and Neuroscience. He's interested in regulatory policy and diving. When not staffing HMC, Ben likes to watch the Red Sox and play with his dog.


SENATE - Health, education, labor and pensions
jeewon lee

Jeewon is a senior studying Government, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Manila, Philippines. With HMC, she has staffed conferences in Boston, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Outside of HMC, she works at the Harvard Office of International Education, encouraging more Harvard students to study abroad. She has also competed with the Harvard Mock Trial Team and has served on the board of the Harvard Korean Association. Jeewon enjoys languages, traveling, and listens to all kinds of music. She is also a huge foodie.


House - E&W
Audrey Mustoe

Audrey Mustoe is a sophomore from Salinas, CA studying Neurobiology at Harvard College. She is a new member of HMC and excited to work with and support delegates in conferences in Boston and Dubai. Apart from HMC, she loves to sing with her a cappella group, ski with her family and play with her dog.  


African Union
Lainey Newman

Lainey Newman is a freshman at Harvard College from Pittsburgh, PA. She intends to concentrate in Government with a potential secondary in Global Health & Health Policy. Lainey cares deeply about teaching young people the importance of democracy and government, which is why she wanted to get involved with HMC. For fun, Lainey likes to spend time with friends and family and cheer for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers.


World Bank
joshua Lee

Joshua Lee is a sophomore at Harvard College concentrating in Economics with a secondary in East Asian Studies with a language citation in Chinese. In his free time, Josh enjoys dancing, singing, traveling, and teaching through different organizations on and off of campus.