Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Dubai 2019! Our names are Maddie Pagel and Zoë Hopkins, and we are so excited to be staffing the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Maddie is a junior studying government and English from just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she isn’t staffing HMC conferences, she loves to bake, run and watch movies. Zoë is a freshman from New York City (she hasn't yet declared a concentration). Her hobbies include visiting museums, making/eating pasta, and watching comedians roast politicians. 

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence overseas United States intelligence gathering and other intelligence-related activities. This means that during committee we get to debate and learn about interesting topics such as the security complications presented by things including but not limited to big data and the US Constitution.

With regards to big data, we will debate ways to protect user information, especially in the shadow of the recent Facebook scandals. Beyond that, however, we will expand our discussion to include less apparent threats, such as how big data and wearable electronics can compromise overseas military and intelligence activities. We'll also be considering how the Constitution, particularly Amendments I and IV conflict with current Intelligence goals and stratagem, and what can be done to reconcile the two. 

We cannot wait to listen to what we hope will be a wide range of perspectives on the issues and hearty debate. HMC is an excellent place to learn from a diverse group of students from different backgrounds and regions. We hope that you will find the conference a rewarding experience and take the time not to just share your opinions, but also to listen and learn from your peers, as we expect to do as well. 

That being said, thinking of the conference may be overwhelming to some of you. The briefings may contain words or ideas you may not understand, and committee itself can seem complicated. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time leading up to the conference – we are here to help you navigate the conference and the months leading up to it. If you have any conference specific questions or would just like to get to know us a little bit better before committee starts, feel free to email the address below, and we’ll get back to you!

We are both incredibly excited to be working with you in January!

Zoë Hopkins and Maddie Pagel