Hello Delegates,

Welcome to HMC Dubai! We are so excited to have you join us in our journey to understanding better energy and natural resource use! As a brief introduction, this Senate committee is tasked with nuclear waste discussions and legislation, energy use, and natural resource allocation. Together, we will try to tackle problems that will impact our countries and planet for decades to come. Before that, we wanted to introduce ourselves as your Senate chairs!

Danny Ragheb is currently a Junior at Harvard College. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he grew up watching sports and eating all kinds of different foods (his two favorite activities). He studies neurobiology and government, which also makes this committee especially fascinating to him as it intersects science and policy making. He also loves playing basketball and cracking jokes. Danny is excited to get to know all of you and can’t wait for HMC to start!

Zeel Patel is currently a freshman at Harvard concentrating in Computer Science and Neurobiology, with a secondary in Economics. Originally from Calgary, Canada & born in Gujarat, India, Zeel brings extensive experiences from working in the Federal Government of Canada as well as 4 years of model government experiences—all of which has allowed him to draw valuable lessons he hopes to share at HMC Dubai. He is passionate about the nexus between between medicine and artificial intelligence and hopes to pursue entrepreneurial ventures at this intersection. In his free time, he too enjoys playing basketball—and proudly cheering for the Toronto Raptors! 

We’re incredibly excited to work with all of you to tackle some of the pressing global issues surrounding energy and consumption of natural resources and look forward to collaborating with you to synthesize meaningful solutions! If you would like to introduce yourselves or have any immediate questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you in January!

Daniel Ragheb & Zeel Patel