Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Dubai! Our names are Ben Delsman and Hank Sparks and we’ll be chairing the Presidential Cabinet this year. We are very excited to get to know you all soon!

The Presidential Cabinet has been an essential part of the executive branch since Washington appointed such giants as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson to help him execute the laws passed by the legislature and his broader vision for the United States. As the federal government has grown more complex since its founding, it has become far too much for any one person to manage alone—even a President. That’s where you come in. You hold one of the most challenging positions in American government, making this a dynamic, fast-moving, and unpredictable committee.

You’ll face the difficult but rewarding task of balancing the priorities of your particular department or position with the needs of the county as a whole. This won’t be easy, but we’re confident in your ability to walk this tightrope and guide the United States down the path of prosperity.

Finally, a little bit about your chairs.

Hank is a second-year at Harvard studying government. Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, he has staffed Harvard Model Congress Boston and Harvard Model Congress Asia and is excited to staff HMC Dubai!

Ben is a fourth-year student originally from the beautiful state of Oregon, now studying economics and government here at Harvard. HMC Dubai was the first conference Ben ever staffed, so although he loves all conferences equally, this one has a particularly special place in his heart.

We are excited to be chairing this committee and will be guiding you all through some exciting topics. Please reach out with any questions you may have — we’re both incredibly incredibly excited to meet you!

Ben Delsman
Hank Sparks