Dear Senators:

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Dubai 2018! My name is Dustin Chiang and I look forward to chairing the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations this year.

Originally from Fremont, California, I am a junior at Harvard College studying Government with a secondary in Economics. I’m very passionate about civic engagement, teaching civics at local public schools in Cambridge and serving as the Communications Director for the Harvard Institute of Politics. I’ve spent time working on campaigns and in legislative offices, including in the actual Senate this past summer. In my free time I enjoy watching a variety of TV, trying delicious foods, and cheering on the Oakland Athletics.

As United States Senators, you will be tasked with representing the American public and making important decisions on their behalf. One of our briefings will focus on immigration and refugee policies that the United States has set and whether they should be reconsidered. The other will be about the United State's involvement in Libya. As a senator, you will need to balance the interests of your state with the interests of the entire country at large.

Before the conference, make sure to fully read and understand the briefings as well as your representative’s district and opinions so that we can have more informed, productive conversations in committee. I encourage you to expand your research beyond the scope of our briefings to gain broader perspective on these issues. Please feel free to reach out before the conference to ask any questions you might have, or even just to introduce yourself. Get excited for an awesome conference!


Dustin Chiang