Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Dubai 2017! My name is Jason Mills, and I am excited to serve as the chair of the United States House Committee on Homeland Security. You are now policymakers with the potential to shape the direction of democracy and security in the US.   

During the conference, our committee is tasked with solving important problems dealing with domestic drone usage, our defense against global terrorist networks, and security concerns involving North Korea. Our aim is to draft legislation that will appease most stakeholders, create sustainable long term goals for national security, and protect US citizens from growing threats.

This conference offers you firsthand experience in the workings of lawmaking—you witness a piece of legislation stem from an idea to a committee-negotiated resolution.  As your senior staffer, I hope to offer you a transformative experience in which you will hone your negotiating, speaking, and argumentative skills. Most importantly, I hope you learn more about important world issues and engage your mind in a way that will make you a better global citizen.

I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself:

I am a senior in Winthrop House. I study Social Studies with a focus on economic and educational inequalities in the United States and a secondary in Economics. I serve as the co-president of Harvard Model Congress Boston and advise freshmen as a Peer Advising Fellow. I am also involved with Harvard’s Black Students Association (BSA) and Institute of Politics. Off campus, I mentor minority boys in middle school through a Phillips Brooks House Association program. I love politics and hope to pursue a career in law and business. I am from Queens, New York and my hobbies include watching tennis, travelling, salsa dancing, and singing.  

I cannot wait to experience your brilliance. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the conference, committee, briefings, or college. I am extremely excited to be working with all of you. Good luck with your preparation and see you in January!


Jason Mills