Dear esteemed delegates,

Welcome to HMC Middle East 2017! My name is Anne Mentzinger, and I am so excited to be your chair for the Central Intelligence Agency.

As part of the CIA, you will have the opportunity to tackle some of the most pressing issues surrounding national security and experience first hand the inner workings of the CIA. I hope by the end of committee, you will better understand the role of the CIA in both American and International politics as well as improve your negotiating and speaking skills.

The primary mission of the CIA is to gather intelligence to help US policymakers make the most informed and effective national security decisions. CIA analysts gather this information in a variety of ways and access the situation in order to present it free of political bias. The CIA currently operates outside of traditional government regulation. It is your job to reexamine the structure of the CIA and whether this lack of transparency is best for the agency and the well-being of the country.

You have also been tasked with providing intelligence on the state of cybersecurity in the United States. Cyberterrorism is an increasing threat from both domestic and foreign adversaries and the CIA must determine how to best protect national security while maintaining privacy for citizens. This will be a fast-paced committee, and every decision you make will carry both domestic and international ramifications.

Now a little bit about me: I am a senior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a secondary in Economics. I have staffed HMC conferences in Seoul, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, and Rome, but this will be my first time in Dubai. I love teaching and talking about government and foreign policy, and I can’t wait to hear about what you think of the committee topics.

As your chair, I aim to make your HMC experience as intellectually stimulating and fun as possible. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting all of you in just a few short months!


Anne Mentzinger