Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Dubai! My name is Danielle Roybal, and I am one of the chairs of the Arab League committee. It is such a pleasure to be able to learn more about each and every one of you as I help to facilitate conversations on politics in the Middle East.

To give a little bit of information about myself, I am a junior from Southern California pursuing a joint conversation in Government and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. My summer internship as an educator on international law and foreign policy to youth at the Council on Foreign Relations has made me especially excited to take some of the techniques I’ve learned for moderating discussions to my HMC conferences. This year, I will be staffing conferences in Madrid and Boston in addition to this conference. Outside of HMC, I am the president of the Harvard Callbacks, a co-ed a cappella group on campus. Otherwise, I can be found spending my free time trying out new restaurants and playing with strangers’ dogs.

In the Arab League, you will be able to really engage with a few of the most captivating political issues facing the Middle East today. Throughout this conference, you will learn to work in a fast-paced environment similar to the environment that politicians really face when solving complex issues in the region. First, you will spend time on famine throughout the Middle East with my co-staffer, Lyndon. With me, you will delve into the role of gender in armed conflict and peacemaking. As delegates representing a member of each country that comprises the Arab League, your job is to cooperate and negotiate with the other members to find solutions that are both advantageous to your country and beneficial to the Arab world as a whole.

Please do let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming conference. I look forward to meeting you soon!


Danielle Roybal