Hello Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Dubai 2019, and more importantly, welcome to the Arab League! Our names are Crystal Luo and Katie Rabinovitz, and we are excited to welcome you to committee.

As a member of the Arab League, you have been given immense responsibility. The Arab League is a union of 22 member states, and five observer states, which focuses on the economic and political relations of the member countries.

This year, we will be focusing debate on two important topics that fall under the purview of the League: human trafficking in the Middle East, as well as the water crisis currently impacting the region. As representatives of the Arab League, you will be asked not only to represent the interests of your nation, but also seek out innovative solutions to complicated policy issues. We look forward to hearing your ideas and helping you solve these important and nuanced problems.

Since I have not yet introduced myself, my name is Crystal Luo, and I am beyond excited to be one of your chairs. I’m originally from Chicago, and at Harvard, I study Economics and Global Health and Health Policy. My name is Katie Rabinovitz, and I am super excited to be your co-chair along with Crystal. I grew up just outside of Boston, and I am a sophomore studying Social Studies and Modern Middle Eastern Studies.

If you have any questions, whether about the topics, conference, or anything else, please feel free to reach out to either of us at any time!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!
Crystal and Katie