Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Dubai 2019! Our names are Lyndon Hanrahan and Araoluwa Omotowa, and together we will be staffing the African Union.

This committee is dedicated to addressing the issues that are crucial to the progress of the developing world: education and the ramifications of child soldiers. More specifically, this year we will be debating how to effectively provide access to education for young women and solutions to crisis of child soldiers. We hope that these topics will give you an opportunity to engage in a wide variety of debates and hear many different perspectives. The African Union is uniquely situated to address a wide array of subjects that touch people’s daily lives.

A little bit about us: Lyndon is a senior from Toronto, Canada. He concentrates in English and Visual Art with a secondary in theater and language citations in French and Arabic. He hopes to be a filmmaker and so he spends most of his time (when he is not studying or staffing HMC conferences) watching movies. Ara is a first-year from Idaho Falls, Idaho. She concentrates in Government with a secondary in Global Health, Health Policy and is getting a language citation in Chinese. When she is not traveling with HMC, Ara loves to read young adult fiction.

Once again, we are very much looking forward to seeing you in our committee. HMC is an amazing opportunity to meet new friends and share your voice. Remember, not every idea put forth in committee will be something that you agree with, but we hope you find this disagreement productive. This committee is an amazing opportunity to work on compromising across values and moving together towards productive solutions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the conference or if you just want to get to know us, feel free to email any time before the conference, and we will get back to you.

Lyndon Hanrahan and Araoluwa Omotowa